The Arts

 The Arts

The Arts Program at UYSC is varied and extensive. Students have the opportunity to practise working across a wide range of media, including Photography, Art, 3D Art, Media, Music, Drama and Visual Communication Design.

Students are able to use their creativity, imagination and senses as they develop, extend and enhance their understanding of arts practice. Our art teachers are passionate and committed to our students achieving their best.  Our students are involved in school, state and nation wide art competitions and we have our own gallery where we are able to exhibit student work all year round.

We consistently have students shortlisted for the annual TOP ARTS exhibition, which showcases the top Victorian VCE art students each year.

The Arts provide students with the knowledge, skills and understanding to express their ideas, observations, experiences, values and beliefs. It gives students the opportunity to build their confidence, increase their creativity and imagination as well as improve their lateral thinking and problem solving abilities while working in a hands-on, structured environment. We encourage self-expression and are constantly exploring new ways of exploring ideas including units on graffiti and street art, ephemeral art and digital photography.

  • Students in Year 7 study Art and Drama.
  • Students in Year 8 study  Music, 3D Art, and Visual Communication Design.
  • In Years 9 and 10, Art  is an elective with students choosing between Drawing, Media, 3D Art, Photography, Music, Drama.
  • VCE subjects can include Art, Studio Arts, Media, Music Performance, Visual Communication Design and Drama.