Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

At UYSC we have a strong commitment to the wellbeing of our students.

All students are better prepared for learning when they are healthy and feel safe and happy.

Student wellbeing is therefore the responsibility of all staff.”

Support Teachers and Year Level Leaders

Support Teachers and Year Level Leaders provide individual and group support and encouragement and monitor the daily wellbeing of students. We aim to provide a positive, supportive environment for each student to maximize their educational potential.

Early Intervention

An early intervention approach includes implementing appropriate support programs and the provision of school-based counselling. Our approach aims to be sensitive to students’ feelings and needs, improving resilience, utilising specialist services where appropriate and restoring wellbeing and preparedness to learn.

The Wellbeing Team

The Wellbeing Team at UYSC consists of a Student Counsellor, a Chaplain, Adolescent Health Nurse and a range of other allied support persons. The Wellbeing Team can help students with issues such as peer relationships, depression, anxiety, bullying, abuse, harassment, self esteem, resilience, health issues and health education, and a variety of other youth-related issues.We also work with families to address parenting techniques, family relationships and assist with referrals and welfare assistance.

The Student Wellbeing Team is available to all students within our dedicated wellbeing rooms, by either self-referral, or by referral from teachers or parents. Assistant Principals and Year Level Leaders also have an active role in supporting students and families to access appropriate support services.

If you would like to speak with any member of the Team or make a referral please feel free to contact the College.

Student Wellbeing Support

Doctors in Schools

Our children -Our future!

The start of Term 3 2017 saw us open our brand new Doctors in Schools Clinic. UYSC was one of the first schools in the Victoria to participate in this exciting initiative. We know that teenagers are the least likely of all age groups to seek health care, and we also know that many health problems that can have consequences into adulthood, start at this time of life. This program seeks to address this issue, as well as providing a convenient alternative to primary care during schools hours, and encouraging health care access to those students without an existing relationship with a GP.

We are working in partnership with “Get Well Clinic” to deliver comprehensive health and wellbeing services to our students. Doctors Koi Bui and Jenny Conway along with Practice Nurse Mandy are enthusiastic in providing support with all the benefits of a GP Practice, on our College grounds. Our students are privileged to have full access to the clinic every Monday.

All GPs in this program have undergone adolescent health training and understand the health and wellbeing needs of teenagers. The GP provides students with the same services normally provided by GPs in the community. GPs may also make referrals to other health services. Consultations are bulk-billed through Medicare however students are not required to present their Medicare Card.

For more information:

and Ms Tracey Smedley Wellbeing Coordinator or Mr Michael Schultz Assistant Principal on 5967 1877 during normal school hours.

Doctors in Secondary Schools Information

Information for Parents and Carers Flyer

External Health Services

We have access to DET Regional School Support Services (Educational Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, Social Workers and Specialist Visiting Teachers). We also have ongoing support from CRS – Commonwealth Rehabilitation Services, Youth Connections and Shire Youth Services to support students experiencing difficulties. We also have a Student Wellbeing Coordinator based at the school. The Wellbeing Coordinator works closely with all agencies to ensure students are referred to the most appropriate services. These include:

  • CAMHS – Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
  • Anglicare Services
  • Child First
  • Youth Services
  • Outer East Youth Connections 1300 835235
  • EDAS – Eastern Drug and Alcohol Services
  • EACH – Eastern Community Health
  • CRS – Commonwealth Rehab Services
  • DHS – Department of Human Services – Child Protection