The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning

The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) course is designed for students who wish to continue their education but are not aiming to complete a VCE.  Students attend TAFE one day per week, two days work placement per week and two days of school.  The courses are competency based and suited for students who enjoy a more ”hands-on” approach.

There are three levels of The VCAL Program: Foundation, Intermediate and Senior.

At Upper Yarra Secondary College most Year 11 VCAL students study Intermediate VCAL and Year 12 students study Senior VCAL. These levels can also be tailored to suit the individual student’s needs.

The VCAL course is structured for Year 11 students as follows:

4 core subjects – Literacy, Numeracy, Work Related Skills and Personal Development.

1 VET subject to be selected from the range available e.g. Hospitality, Building and Construction, Engineering etc.

Two days in a work placement relevant to their area of VET study.

Students can complete a VETiS Certificate which contributes towards their VCE or VCAL Certificate, and may also include exams at the end of each unit of study. There will be some costs included in taking a VET subject.

Vocational Education and Training in Schools

Vocational Education and Training refers to enhanced Senior School studies which enable a secondary student to combine their Senior School studies with vocational training. Students in Years 10 and 11 can commence a VET program from the selection of courses listed.
It is a two-year program combining general VCE/VCAL studies with accredited vocational education and training. It enables students to complete a nationally recognised vocational qualification (e.g. Certificate II in Hospitality Operations) and a Senior School Certificate (VCE/VCAL) at the same time.

Students choosing a VETiS subject are required to complete a block of work placement in an area related to their study. This may fall within their mid-year holiday break, and is a requirement for completing the subject.

The Yarra Valley VET Cluster consists of the following schools:

  • Billanook College
  • Healesville High School
  • Lilydale Heights College
  • Lilydale High School
  • Mooroolbark College
  • Mount Evelyn Christian School
  • Mountain District Christian School
  • Mount Lilydale Mercy College
  • Upper Yarra Secondary College
  • Yarra Hills Secondary College

A range of Vocational Education and Training Certificates are offered by the Yarra Valley VET Cluster. The courses are offered in other schools and TAFEs in the Yarra Valley and surrounds. UYSC will be a provider of VETiS Sport and Recreation, Aviation, Furniture-Making and Horticulture in 2020.

Courses offered in 2020 may change. These must be applied for through the VET Coordinator. The majority of VETiS subjects occur on a Wednesday afternoon but some do run over the course of the whole day on Wednesday or on another day or evening. Courses run with students from a number of different schools. There will be some costs included in taking a VET subject.

  • Certificate II Hospitality (Kitchen Operations)# (Offered on site at UYSC)
  • Certificate II Sport & Recreation# (Offered on site at UYSC)
  • Certificate III Acting (Film & Television)
  • Certificate III Aviation (RPL)# (Offered on site at UYSC)
  • Certificate II Animal Studies
  • Certificate II Automotive Studies (Paint & Panel)
  • Certificate II Automotive Technology
  • Certificate II Building Construction
  • Certificate II Electrotechnology
  • Certificate II Engineering#
  • Certificate II Horticulture (Units 1 – 4)
  • Certificate lI Furniture Making#(Offered on site at UYSC)
  • Certificate II Screen and Media
  • Certificate IlI Music
  • Certificate IlI Music Industry (Music Performance)
  • Certificate II Retail Cosmetics (Makeup)

#These VET subjects do have a study score and may also have an end of Year 12 external examination.