The Humanities cover a broad range of subjects including History, Geography, Economics, Legal Studies, Business Management and Civics.

In Humanities, students aim to understand the world they live in, how the past has impacted on their lives today, their rights and responsibilities and how to be active citizens. Students also develop literacy skills that are easily transferable to other subject areas and are encouraged to work independently to research topics of interest.

In Years 7 and 8 Humanities is part of the FLIP program with an emphasis on inquiry learning and literacy that continues into the senior years. In Year 7, students learn about how and why we study History with a focus on Ancient Civilisations. In Geography students begin to develop their geospatial skills and learn about water issues at a local, national and global level. In Year 8 the focus of History is the world during the Middle Ages. In Geography students learn about different types of environments.

While studying Humanities, students can be involved in a variety of excursions including visiting the Shrine in Melbourne for ANZAC day and other ceremonies, the Yakult Factory, the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Elsternwick, the Melbourne Museum, the County and Supreme Courts and correctional facilities such as Marngoneet and Barwon.

In Senior School the Humanities subjects offered include History, Geography, Legal Studies and Business Management.

Anzac Day 2020

Every year, Upper Yarra Secondary College proudly marches with the local community, the College Band provides the music and our College Captains make a speech to commemorate ANZAC Day.
Whilst circumstances are against us in 2020, College Captain, Ashlee Shotter prepared and filmed her speech to honour the day.

Lest We Forget.