Design and Technology


Design and Technology

     Product Design Technology is my favourite subject. I picked it for VCE as it was something that I enjoyed…if it is something you like then you are more likely to be motivated and endeavour to do your best.”

Design and Technology students create quality designed solutions across a range of technology contexts. They consider the impacts of technological change and how the choice and use of technologies may contribute to a sustainable future. Students take into account the ethical, legal, aesthetic and functional factors that inform the design processes.

Through Design and Technologies, students plan and manage projects from conception to realisation. They apply design thinking to investigate ideas, generate and refine ideas, plan and manage, produce and evaluate designed solutions. They develop a sense of pride, satisfaction and enjoyment from their ability to create innovative solutions.

Through the practical application of technologies, students develop dexterity and coordination. This curriculum offers students a broad range of learning experiences, readily transferable to their home, life, leisure activities, the wider community, and to work.

  • Students in Year 7 study Woodwork and Digital Technologies.
  • Students in Year 8 study STEAM and Food Studies.
  • In Years 9 and 10 students study electives in Woodwork, Food Studies, STEAM Electronics and STEAM in the Real World.
  • VCE subjects offered are Product Design and Technology and Food Studies.