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Welcome to Senior School
Welcome to Senior School


The Senior School at Upper Yarra Secondary College is responsible for all programs related to Years 11 and 12. Each year level has a specific team of staff to manage and supervise all aspects of students at their year level supported by their Team Leader and the Senior School Leader. This includes curriculum delivery, wellbeing, extension activities, events and excursions and promotion of student voice within the College.

Years 11 and 12 are important decision-making times at Upper Yarra Secondary College. It is a time when students are required to choose a course and make decisions about their future directions. One-on-one career counselling begins in Year 10 to coincide with the Work Experience Program, Civics and Careers classes. These one-on-one sessions continue in Year 11 and 12 to ensure that students are selecting subjects relevant to their future goals.


There are three pathways students can take through their senior years at Upper Yarra Secondary College; VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education), VCE VM (Victorian Major) and VET (Vocational Education and Training). We have many partnerships with Universities and TAFE Institutions to assist our students with transitions into further education or training once they have completed their secondary schooling.


Upper Yarra Secondary College encourages suitable students to participate in VCE studies within their Year 10 or Year 11 program. Fast-tracking students are those who are able to demonstrate a commitment to their studies and an ability to work in an organised and self-disciplined manner. Fast tracking is designed to allow students to complete additional VCE studies in order to enhance their options at the end of completing secondary school.

Students from Years 10 and 11 can apply to “fast track” a unit sequence from the following academic year. Entrance into these units will only be considered after an interview with parents, Domain Leaders and Team Leaders. It is a condition of accepting a placement that the Fast Tracking student will be enrolled in 6 subjects at Year 11 level and 5 subjects at Year 12 level. For some students, it is possible to do a first year university subject as part of their Year 12 selection.

Ms Katie Feagan Senior School Leader

Year 10

Year 10 at Upper Yarra Secondary College prepares students for their senior years of schooling. Students are introduced to the language, work habits and attitudes related to the study of VCE and experience the challenge of a Mock Interview and a week of Work Experience. As students move into the senior school environment, they are encouraged and challenged to make informed decisions concerning subject choice and future pathways. Students highlight their strengths and areas for improvement in their study techniques, academic achievement, communication skills and personal goals enabling students to critically reflect on their achievements and future direction, and make changes to achieve success.

Year 10 students participate in a range of programs within and external to the college: Yarra Ranges Youth Summit, Deakin University Study Skills, Deakin Day.

Year 11

The main focuses for Year 11 are career awareness and academic improvement. Students complete Coursework, School Assessed Coursework (SAC) and Outcome Tasks for Unit 1 and 2 and take exams.

As a part of our association with Deakin University, students undertake study skills, learning styles and a stress management session run through VCEHelp .

Year 11 students have the opportunity to assist with an Anti-Bullying program for Year 7 and  8 students, attend Mt Buller Ski Camp and participate in UYSC’s Presentation Ball.

Each year we have been successful in having Year 11 students offered a place in this Melbourne University Program: Kwong Lee Dow.

Year 12

Each year, our Year 12 cohort begins their final year with a camp in inner-city Melbourne. This is a fantastic opportunity for our Year 12 students to experience life in the city and gather first-hand information from tertiary institutions. Our first day consists of setting up in our accommodation in South Yarra then making our way to the Victoria Market. Motivational talks and study skills are hot topics for the afternoon. The evening is spent dining on Chapel Street and taking in a movie at the Jam Factory. The following day is filled with a range of activities at various tertiary institutions; Swinburne, Melbourne University, RMIT then on to Federation Square and the National Gallery before finishing off with lunch in the park.

Yarra Valley VCE Network

The increased level of professional interaction between staff at schools in the Yarra Ranges and in the Yarra Valley Network through the VCE Network provides opportunities for the sharing of resources and ideas. Masterclasses for students from the schools involved are very well attended and have a positive impact on VCE results at Upper Yarra Secondary College.

VCE Masterclasses

To support students studying Units 3 and 4 at schools in the VCE Network, a Master Class Program has been developed to assist students prepare and revise for their VCAA Examinations. This program is part of the Yarra Ranges & Yarra Valley VCE Network commitment to enhance students opportunities to succeed in VCE.