Primary School Transition

Primary School Transition

Upper Yarra Secondary College staff work closely with all our feeder Primary Schools to make the transition to Secondary School a positive experience for both students and parents. The Year 7 Leader, the Junior School Leader and the Education Support Leader visit every Primary School and interview your child’s Grade 6 teacher. They discuss their strengths, weaknesses and interests and summarize this information before your child comes on the first day. The Year 7 Team Leader has the overall responsibility for students’ educational and personal well being, student programs and discipline.

Orientation Day

Grade 6 Students complete a Student Passport prior to Orientation Day, and parents will be asked to complete a section of this. They will be asked to bring this with them to Orientation Day which takes place the first week in December each year. The Year 7 Leader consults with the Year 6 teachers who pass on relevant information and examples of  work which can be used to assist your child’s learning progress. If you feel we need to know more detailed or personal information, please ask to speak directly to the Year 7 Leader or Assistant Principal.

Transition Visits to Upper Yarra

Transition activities include visits from primary school students to experience lessons  in a secondary setting, relevant to their curriculum. The emphasis is on Science and we were pleased to offer our staff and laboratories to enhance Grade 5 and 6 students’ learning.