English and Languages


The English Domain aims to develop literate individuals by focusing on students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in speaking, listening, reading, viewing, writing and creating.

Students explore a variety of texts with different purposes and audiences while developing their understanding of language features and vocabulary choices.

English classes write well-structured and coherent responses for a range of topics, making use of taught strategies for developing their writing skills. In addition, students are explicitly taught reading comprehension strategies designed to aid them in their understanding of all text types.

Skills taught in junior English are specifically designed to equip our students with the rigour and stamina required for successful completion of VCE English, Literature or English Language.



The Languages Department at UYSC 0ffers  Japanese from Year 7 onwards. The course runs for a minimum of two periods a week and focuses on varying aspects.

In Japanese, students discuss the differences between the writing systems in their first language and Japanese language. They write characters (syllables) using appropriate conventions for producing them (for example, with accurate shape and stroke order) and for the organisation of extended writing. Students generate their own applications for their language knowledge and skills in classroom conversations and interacting with speakers of the language.

Learning a second language supports students’ literacy and skills in their first and subsequent language(s) by focusing on structures, systems and patterns of language generally. The Languages department encourages students to take their Language studies to VCE or VCE Baccalaureate level for advanced placement in a tertiary institution.