Bring Your Own Device

BYOD Program

Providing students with the opportunity to be effective digital learners who are confident, creative and productive in a digital world.

Upper Yarra Secondary College aims to provide students with an education that is inclusive, creative and challenging. One that recognises the significant role technology can play in the teaching and learning process. Digital Learning is no longer something new. It is a fact of life. The world that we live and work in requires students to have a range of digital skills. These complement our strong focus on literacy and numeracy skills.

At school, students use a range of devices including Chromebooks, and desktops and participate in the Upper Yarra Secondary College BYOD Program. 

The BYOD Program gives UYSC students access to a personal mobile device to enhance their learning opportunities.

Year 7 students are expected to purchase a recommended school device.

Families have a number of choices as to the device, accessories, duration of insurance, and payment method.

UYSC BYOD Program 2024 Parent Information Booklet

Purchase a Chromebook:





























YEARS 7 – 9




























YEARS 10 – 12