The Victorian Certificate of  Education

The Victorian Certificate of Education(VCE) is a 2 year course of study. Each study or subject has four units, usually studied in a sequence:

Year 11 Semester One – Unit One

Year 11 Semester Two – Unit Two

Year 12 Semester One – Unit Three

Year 12 Semester Two – Unit  Four

Students enrol in 12 units for Year 11 – (6 units in Semester One and 6 units in Semester Two).
Students enrol in 10 units for Year 12 – (5 units in Semester One and 5 units in Semester Two).
Students must successfully complete sixteen units over the two years to gain their VCE (8 for Year 11 and 8 for Year 12).

Each unit has a specific focus. For example:

VCE – Health and Human Development (Subject or study)

Unit 1 – Youth Health and Development (3 outcomes)

Unit 2 – Individual and Community Health and Development (3 outcomes)

Unit 3 – Nutrition, Health and Development (3 outcomes)

Unit 4 – Global Health and Development (3 outcomes)

Satisfactory completion of a unit is based upon completion of all Learning Outcomes, specified for that unit.

NOTE: You cannot fail an Outcome and successfully complete a Unit. Decisions as to whether these have been satisfactorily completed are made by the College in accordance with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

A Vocational Education and Training (VET) Certificate can be incorporated into a VCE course and generally counts as four units of study over two years.

Supporting our Senior Students

Upper Yarra Secondary College offers many supports to students throughout their VCE years:

  • After school English and Mathematics classes
  • After school Homework Club
  • Lunchtime classes
  • Options – Learning strategies, organisational skills, goal setting
  • Masterclasses – VCE Network