Health and Physical Education


Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education are two elements of the same subject.

Health and PE is a core subject from Years 7 -10.

In Years 7 – 9 it runs for the whole year, while in Year 10 it runs for a semester.

Year 7 students learn a range of sports and movement patterns including volleyball, athletics, gymnastics, football, netball and many more. For the duration of the 4 years students undertake a gymnasium program including Pilates, boxing and weight training in the new UYSC Fitness Studio.

We also offer a  Leadership elective in Years 9 and 10 as well as Outdoor Education at Year 9.

Outdoor Education

Students challenge themselves and each other in the outdoors, with each student pushing the boundaries of their comfort zones and gaining lifelong skills. Outdoor Education students acquire increased confidence, bush skills, and positive relationships with the environment and their classmates. They demonstrate teamwork and responsibility.

Outdoor and Environmental Education

Units 1 and 2

Students are provided with the opportunity to explore the many ways in which nature is understood and perceived. Students develop a clear understanding of the motivations for interacting with outdoor environments and the factors that affect access to outdoor participation with outdoor environments. Through outdoor experiences, students develop leadership and practical skills and knowledge to help them live sustainably in outdoor environments.

Outdoor and Environmental Education

Units 3 and 4

Students learn to evaluate the ecological, historical, and social contexts of relationships between humans and outdoor environments in Australia. They explore the sustainability and management techniques used throughout history and begin to analyse contemporary environmental issues that students are faced with today. Students apply and further their learning through a range of outdoor experiences.

Year 9 Outdoor Education Elective

Students take part in classroom team-building and leadership activities to learn about outdoor environments and activities. They explore minimal impact strategies, risk taking and safety in the outdoors. They participate in the outdoor activities; rock climbing, hiking, and surfing.