Design and Technology


Design and Technology – Materials and Wood

     Product Design Technology is my favourite subject. I picked it for VCE as it was something that I enjoyed…if it is something you like then you are more likely to be motivated and endeavour to do your best.”

Design Technology students experience a more practical, hands-on learning. Students get the opportunity to use materials such as wood, metal, electronics, plastics and glass to develop a broad range of skills both in the workshop and in the design room.

In Year 7 all students study Woodwork for one semester. Students, who enjoy this subject, may choose it as an elective in Years 8 to 10.

All Year 8 students undertake a semester of Materials and may also choose it as an elective through to Year 10.

As students progress through secondary school and become more competent with Design Technology, they may choose to do Product Design and Technology as a VCE subject in Years 11 and 12 where they design and develop more sophisticated products for realistic situations.