Vision and Values

Respect          Responsibility          Excellence          Resilience

The College provides students with a safe and supportive learning environment. It nurtures life-long learning, self-esteem, leadership, talent, curiosity and optimism for the future. It provides students with skills to enable them to be responsible members of the College and their broader community. Our staff is committed to improving curriculum, to deeper learning, and to responding to research-based and innovative teaching methods to achieve better student outcomes.

Our Focus

  • building students’ core literacy and numeracy skills
  • providing an inclusive curriculum
  • ensuring we have addressed the future pathways that will be available to our students beyond school in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (S.T.E.A.M)
  • working intelligently to expand our links beyond the school community, and creating a stimulating, educational hub for our broader community


Our Values

We believe in the strength of partnerships, innovation, and the future of technology in education.
We embrace the opportunities of our participation in the New Pedagogies for Deeper Learning global project; Upper Yarra SC has taken the 6 Competencies, the 6C’s, on which to base our core values and whole school focus:


Work interdependently and in teams with strong interpersonal and team-related skills including effective management of team dynamics and challenges, making substantive decisions together, and learning from and contributing to the learning of others.

Critical thinking

Critically evaluating information and arguments, seeing patterns and connections, constructing meaningful knowledge, and applying it in the real world.


Having an ‘entrepreneurial eye’ for economic and social opportunities, asking the right inquiry questions to generate novel ideas, and leadership to pursue those ideas and turn them into action.


Thinking like global citizens, considering global issues based on a deep understanding of diverse values and worldviews, and with a genuine interest and ability to solve ambiguous and complex real world problems that impact human and environmental sustainability


Communicating effectively with a variety of styles, modes, and tools (including digital tools), tailored for a range of audiences.


Learning to deep learn, with the essential character traits of grit, tenacity, perseverance, respect and resilience; and the ability to make learning an integral part of living.