Maths Pathways

Students in Years 7 and  8 have undergone multiple assessments to diagnose each student’s current mathematical abilities. From there we then set each individual work they need improvement on or to learn. This enables us to differentiate the classroom and have each Maths lesson focused on where students  are at in their mathematical learning.

By using this next-generation online textbook and assessment system, your child’s Maths lessons are tailored to precisely what they are ready to learn. This might be filling in gaps in prior learning, or working on extension activities. Your child will complete work individually in their Maths exercise book, guided by questions and videos from the computer. The teacher spends less time lecturing to the whole class from the blackboard, and more time working with small groups and individuals. Each fortnight, students work on new mathematical skills, partake in rich learning tasks and sit a Maths test related only to what they have been working on. Students will always have Maths homework in preparation for the next test; either completing new work or revising to make sure they can answer every test question correctly. At the end of each term students spend 2-3 weeks on Maths Projects such as Potato Olympics, Running Statistics, Rockets and building Mega 3D shapes.

Quicksmart Numeracy

The Quicksmart Program at UYSC is an intervention program for students who have difficulty recalling basic addition and multiplication facts. As research indicates that students who know their basic facts use less working memory to cope with basic calculations when they are trying to learn more complex mathematics, working to improve the “automaticity” of factual recall makes a large difference to a student’s ability to cope with new ideas. This program involves students being withdrawn from class for 30 minutes on three occasions a week, for 30 weeks. It is a program with clear criteria to identify when students have acquired certain skills and are ready to exit the program. It has been proven that learning continues to deepen years after students exit the program, with academic gains maintained or enhanced in subsequent years, therefore the Quicksmart program is seen to be essential for those students requiring extra assistance with their studies in Mathematics.